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Bho Mhinistear gu Moderator (From Minister to Moderator)

ModeratorThursday 12th May 9pm, BBC ALBA
Caledonia TV  has been commissioned by BBC ALBA to make an hour-long observational documentary following the Rev Dr Angus Morrison's year as Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.  The Glencoe-born Gaelic speaker will be in office from May 2015 and Caledonia TV will be with him as he carries out his official duties.




 In Production 

Ceann an Rìgh (The King's Head)

Ceann an RìghExciting new science is being harnessed by historian Dr Martin MacGregor to discover secrets about the life and death of Robert the Bruce.   The Glasgow University academic has commissioned world-renowned professor of Craniofacial Identification, Caroline Wilkinson, to create a 3D virtual model of Bruce's head. 'Ceann an Rìgh' is a 30 minute documentary for BBC ALBA.

Sàr-Sgeòil - Outlander (Classic Tales - Outlander)
Outlander The TV series, adapted from Diana Gabaldon's cult novels, has already taken America by storm and is taking Scotland as its next stronghold.
In this Sàr-Sgeòil, Cathy MacDonald delves into the magical Highland realm of Outlander.

Sgiobair nan Taighean-solais (The Lighthouse Skipper)

Lighthouse SkipperThe operations of today's Northern Lighthouse Board are told through the story of one its most respected skippers, Captain Eric Smith.  In his 30th year with the NLB, we join Master of tender ship 'The Pharos' for a wild time at sea.

 Recent Productions 

Chernobyl, Fukushima: The Lessons


This international documentary transmits 30 years to the day that a nuclear reactor exploded at Chernobyl spewing out massive quantities of radiation into the atmosphere.

Made by French independent producer, Bellota Films, with co-producer Caledonia TV, the programme was filmed in the Hebrides, Belarus, Japan and among the Sami people of Central Norway.

Fuine Series 4

Fuine 4Every day in the kitchen is different and brings a whole new set of challenges for the cook.  In her latest series, Mairi MacRitchie is going to help you prepare for every eventuality - from the cake you can throw together in minutes, to the home cooked meal that will cost you just a few pounds to make.


Bailtean Fraoich (Heather's Villages)

Bailtean FraoichIn "Bailtean Fraoich", Islay-born Heather Dewar visits some of Scotland's most picturesque and remote coastal communities.  Travelling through mainland villages, Hebridean communities and vast peninsulas she soon discovers that you don't need to live on an island to experience the life of an islander.

The Scots at Waterloo
June 2015,BBC 2 Scotland


The crucial role of Scots in Wellington's victory over Napoleon revealed in a gripping drama documentary! On the 200thanniversary of Waterloo, one of history's bloodiest and most decisive battles, we reveal the front line action through the eyes of four Scottish soldiers - and one extraordinary army wife.

A Caledonia TV and Tile Films Co-production for BBC Scotland, TG4 Ireland and International Sales through Flame Distribution.

After Bannockburn
March 2015, BBC Scotland

Robert and Edward BruceAfter Bannockburn is a two-part docudrama series about a Celtic alliance that could have dramatically changed British and Irish history.

In 1315 - the year after Bannockburn - Robert the Bruce and his brother, Edward, invaded Ireland with the aim of helping their Irish allies kick out the occupying English and making Edward High King of Ireland.

A Caledonia TV and Tile Films co-production for BBC Scotland, BBC Northern Ireland and RTE.



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Caileagan na h-Oighreachd (Ghillie Girls)

Our new series about three young women training to be ghillies, currently filming on the Ardnamurchan Estate, is attracting a lot of press interest:

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Scotland's Greatest Warrior

Kevin McKenna - The Observer: "One of the highlights of last month's entire television output was a delightful and erudite one-off gem that went out on BBC4 and was commissioned, created and delivered in Scotland. It ought to have reminded BBC Scotland chiefs at Pacific Quay just how dramatic, vibrant and vivid is our own nation's historical narrative. Scotland's Greatest Warrior, the inspirational story of Jamie Graham, the 1st Marquis of Montrose, a man whose life and achievements were genuinely noble, heroic and Scottish, was beautifully narrated by Professor Ted Cowan, director of Glasgow University's Dumfries campus."

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