Quality factual and children’s programmes. Based in Scotland with a global perspective.

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Specialist Factual

500 Scots recalling their wartime experiences … Great engineers … Native American chiefs … some of Britain's greatest fighting regiments … a Scottish gaucho … Nazi killers … we've made films about extraordinary people and places.

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Crews have filmed on five continents for Caledonia - and many of our documentaries have also been screened internationally.  We've told the stories of families in Sudan, China, Mexico and Japan …gay husbands and their wives … a Mexican pop star … OAP ice hockey players … and the Royal Family.

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Factual Entertainment & Formats

Voting for the Top Ten events in Scottish history … Creating a court where teenagers try young offenders … Climbing Scotland's mountains … Restoring a ruined Portuguese farmhouse … Following four young women through army training … Caledonia loves to put the 'entertainment' into 'factual'.

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A regular producer for BBC ALBA, we've more than a decade of experience making programmes in Gaelic.  Production is led by Faye MacLean, a native speaker from North Uist.  Documentaries and Factual Entertainment are our specialties.

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We've filmed Lord Snowdon photographing Robbie Coltrane … Franz Ferdinand on their first US tour … a series for teens on Robert Burns.  Coming up: a 3-year project with artist Andy Scott as he creates The Kelpies - the biggest equestrian sculptures in the world.

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Our childrens programming ranges from costume dramas and poetry for 5 year olds for Channel 4 to 70 short films on History and Geography for the education website Gridclub. In Orkney we filmed a 13-part observational series about 11 year olds leaving their small island primary schools for the secondary school on the main island for FIVE.

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