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Teaching Your Tastebuds to Talk

Aside from the distillers themselves, a great number of people are connected to the Classic Malts: from those who work in the Maltings where barley is turned into malt; to the Coopers who construct the oak casks where whisky is matured; to the Tour Guides who show thousands of visitors around the Classic Malts distilleries each year. From time to time, these people are invited to get a little closer to the whisky which plays such a large part in their lives.

We follow the journey of Charlie Maclean as he attends a special nosing and tasting at Cragganmore Distillery in Speyside, with eight of the Classic Malts employees.

These people may have tasted all six Classic Malts, they may not have tasted any. For sure, they won't have had the chance to really get to grips with the language of nosing and tasting. The plan is to teach their tastebuds to talk.


Communications Consultant - Roland Kennedy
Producer/Director - Les Wilson