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The Scots Detective

Some of the crimes may be 700 years old, the bodies are long gone, the evidence is shaky but he is convinced the truth is out there. James Macpherson plays another cop - but a very different character from the suave Jardine he played in 'Taggart'. The mobile phone-hating DI Scott is 'The Scots Detective', charged with sorting the fact from the fiction, myth and hearsay of Scotland's history.

The aim is to get school students to look at the evidence behind great events in our history.

The Programmes:

Freedom is a Noble Thing
The Wars of Independence

The Monstrous Regiment
Mary Queen of Scots and the Reformation

Ane End to Ane Auld Sang
The Act of Union

The Scots Empire
Exiles - The Scots Abroad

The Irish Are Coming
Immigrants - The Irish in Scotland


D.I. Scott - James Macpherson
Series Producer - Seona Robertson
Series Director - Les Wilson

Channel 4