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The X File

Several political facts about, and features of, a modern democratic society are examined in this series, and comparisons are made between the experiences of today and those of the past.

Through the eyes of Zoe, the presenter, we see the development of a number of situations involving a group of children and another character, a bad-tempered adult called Angus MacAngry.

These situations are broadly comic but are planned to mirror the circumstances which gave rise to democratic institutions, such as the extension of the franchise, the ballot, government and the different geographical contexts for representation of citizens.

The programmes:

1. The Power of X
2. I'm Writing to My MP!
3. If I Were Running the Country...
4. Europe Is Your Oyster
5. Votes Galore!


Presenter - Zoe Johnston
Angus MacAngry - Phil Kay
Writer - Chris Dolan
Series Producer - Seona Robertson
Series Director - Gregor Sharp

Channel 4